A message from Huntington First Wesleyans' Worship Minister

Hey everyone, i just wanted to email this Sunday's worship out and share a few things that are on my heart! I was driving from work the other day, when i heard this lady start balling on the radio station KLOVE! The DJ picked up the phone and said hello, but the lady continued to cry. Finally, after about a minute, she said "Divorce." She then began to explain how her husband had just filed for a divorce, and said he did not want to serve God any longer. She had tried to get to the station to request a song all week, but she never could get through until now. When the story was told, the KLOVE DJ prayed with her as well as me right then. It was an amazing moment, but that wasn't it. The response throughout the day from people calling in and reminding her to stay strong, and that God loves her was amazing. So, this is when my brain took off. I have never thought of things this way, but it does fit the parallel. The lady could not get through when she wanted to, only when she needed to. This is quite the same way God works. He doesn't always answer us when we want something, but he does answer when we need him. Any problems, issues, or areas we need help in, all we have to do is call on his name. Serving a God who is sovereign over everything is a privilege, and i wouldn't give my relationship up with him for anything. He is my best friend, and when i can no longer make the journey's in my life, he will pick me up and carry me there. So, throughout the rest of this week, remember to love your family and always tell them that everyday. Satan is after us, because we are doing things right. Don't let him win, instead show him love, and that Jesus is in you!

- Corey Adkins
Worship/ Youth Leader
Huntington First Wesleyan
Huntington, WV