Kingdom of God

A Theology Subject that I really like to talk about is the Kingdom of God. I think the major factor that causes me to be so interested in the subject is because I am still debating the language that is used to describe “The Kingdom”. The debate is between the “Christian” people in today’s society verses the scripture. It seems that everyone is so very concerned with the Dr. Tim LaHaye version of the rapture theory we sometimes forget what the bible really says about the kingdom of God.

Most of the conversation within the Christian world seems to be consumed with end time events; so much so that individuals are trying to find where heaven fits in and where they fit in. Often time’s people are working the events of today with their interpretation of so called end time prophecies they often forget to find out just what the scriptures say about the maters of the Kingdom of God. The debate between post tribulation, mid tribulation, pre millennial, post millennial, a millennial, etc, is often talked about as theories but one must assume these are all points that are assuming and interpreting parts of scripture fit their preconceived ideas about end time events. I believe the way of looking at heaven and the actual event of being with God begins with God being with us. It is obvious when looking at the scriptures Jesus in detail explains the kingdom, as being a spiritual event, thus making the kingdom of God beginning right now! The actual phrase Kingdom of God is mention 25 times in scripture of Jesus the Christ.

In conclusion; sure heaven is a real place, and we will someday see it with God being all the glory. One must remember we can experience a piece of heaven right here on earth. Being a part of the kingdom allows us to be with God through the spirit, and apart from God there is no Heaven. Christians must agree the phrase kingdom of God must not be confused with Heaven; however the kingdom of God and heaven I believe are all inclusive.