What are we really trying to do?

What are we really trying to do?
A little boy just got a box of sidewalk chalk and began to paint the sidewalk with his new gift.
As the boy got carried away, not only did he draw pictures on the road but began to mark up his parents new automobile.
The irritated parents, scolded the child over and over again telling him how stupid he was for doing such a idiotic thing.
The child was beside himself. He did not know why this act caused such an outrage by his parents.
The parents never took the time to explain their position. They instead took the approach, if we scream loud enough and long enough, the child would get the point and cease the behavior.

We are now coming upon the "Sanctity of Life Sunday".
Do we really think we can convince the government to ban abortion?
Even if they did, would abortion stop?
Maybe if we would spread the gospel, more people would follow Christ.
If more people were following Christ then the abortion rate would naturally fall.

The rest of the story goes... The parents realized they could not change what had happened. The child was ignorant of what was acceptable. They calmly explained why it was wrong. The child realized his ignorance and felt remorse. He began to educate others about this new found information.