Father Abraham

Father Abraham, had many sons...
The song goes...
Lets look and learn from Father Abraham

• Abraham was a meek- and loving person- Gen 13:5-13

• God promised Abraham his descendants would be great - Gen 13:14-17

• Abraham was not a wimp. He was a great business man and a warrior. Gen. 14

• Abraham wanted to be a legitimate father- Gen 15

• Abraham was willing to give up his future, and prized possession to obey God. (Gen 22)

• He had faith that God was going to take care of everything- he was obedient (Heb- 11:8-19)

What we believe is ours, God ultimately has given to us, to begin with.

Are we willing offer our most valued possessions to God?
Perhaps that would be a test to if we really trust him?