Tear down this wall

Spring is only a few more weeks away. I can’t wait. Is anyone excited about spring? I think I love everything about spring. The sun shines longer. The flowers start to bloom. Um, the greatest part… the weather is warmer. There is only one thing I don’t look forward too and that is spring cleaning. After a whole season of being a hermit and staying in our houses, it is time for us to get out of our caves of hibernation and clean them out.
A few weeks ago my wife wanted me to look at co-worker of hers, car. It seems it was broken and she had no one to look at it for her. I planned for some of the men from church to go with me to give it a look. One Saturday morning I drove out of the drive way to go and look at it for her, and then it dawned on me. I forgot my tools. How silly! Fix a car with out tools, funny! I unlocked my outbuilding only to find it had accumulated so much junk, I could hardly open the door. I took a step back only to hope my tools were some place close to the front. My eyes finally came in contact with this seemingly buried treasure and as some of you may have guessed, it was on a shelf all the way to the back of the building. I thought to myself, “where did all of this “Junk” come from”. I had accumulated; old lawn mowers, shovels, rakes, broken chairs, about 20 fishing rods, “just how many fishing rods does a guy need”, old broken broom handles, bags of concrete that had solidified and turned into huge boulders. Now I had a terrible problem Just how am I going to get those tools I so desperately needed? I stood and looked for at least 3 minutes trying to imagine just how am I was going to navigate my way through all these barriers. I grabbed an old broom handle and tried to reach the tools. I actually stopped and looked behind me just to make sure my wife wasn’t video taping this because I felt so silly. I looked at my watch and realized I was getting nowhere fast so I decided I would step into all this mess. I made it one step then realized I will get trapped if I go any further. I couldn’t get my tools. The most important Items in my building and they were absolutely useless. There was no path to get to them. I had accumulated so many barriers throughout the year the path was blocked. I gave up and promised myself I will clean this mess up this spring. Isn’t that just like our lives? Sometimes we fill up our lives with so much useless rubbish we have a terrible time communicating with God. Some people have created a wall of separation between God and themselves. Now it is the time to eliminate the wall of separation between God and ourselves!