That is too easy to believe

going to heaven...

Don't we all want to go?

Allowing Jesus to be our lord and savior? How easy is that?

Well... You say, "that is too easy to believe!"
Your right.
It is so easy that people do not believe it.
You see we live in a capitalistic society.
A society that has educated us that everything in life has to be earned.
We even teach our children that if they are not good Santa Claus will not give them anything for Christmas.
Most people have adopted the Idea that if a person wants to get to Heaven they must do something to deserve it.
Most religions and even some "christian" churches teach that a person must do something or some things that will gain Gods approval.
Gods standards are so high no one can ever achieve them, but most of all no one has the discipline to even come close.
So all one has to do is make Jesus Lord of their life?

hm mm, let me see... Love God, Love my neighbour, Learn about and live like Jesus.

Wow that just seems too easy!?

Um, it really is too easy for some to believe!